Evesham New Homes Bonus

New Homes Bonus Consultation 2021 - Have your say

In this questionnaire you will see a brief description of the projects that are asking for New Homes Bonus funding. We are seeking your opinion on each project by grading them 1 - 5.

The projects are not competing against each other for funding, and you could support every one or none of them. When you consider what grade to award you should consider whether you think it offers value for money, how it will benefit the town and the community, what long-term legacy it will or will not have, whether you think New Homes Bonus is an appropriate source for the project, and of course whether you think the project is a good one.

These projects have been put forward by organisations from within Evesham, and they were submitted as part of a process held earlier this year and late last year.

New Homes Bonus Facts and Figures

Projects and amounts requested

  1. Evesham Town Council - Updated Sensory Garden and Install Flagpole - £20,000
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  2. Evesham Baptist Church - Installing "Changing Places" Disabled Facility - £40,000
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We are not able to hold our usual consultation meeting at the Town Hall this year, due to the lockdown regulations. So it's really important that as many people as possible complete this online survey so that we can get a good indication of how much support these projects have in the community.

The next stage is to consult with the public to gauge what support there is for each project. In order to do this we would ask that you complete the questionnaire.

Please only complete one per person. These projects are not competing against each other for funding so you could support them all should you want to.

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If you would prefer to download a form you can print and fill in on paper, or a form you can fill in and return by email, then you can find them at the Town Council website.

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